We design and manufacture hand-made copper laptop stands for both home and office use. Each item is unique, and made with locally sourced materials in our workshop in Cape Town.

Laptop Stand - R450

Our flagship product, suitable for both 13 and 15-inch laptops

Laptop stands

The laptop stand is compact and unobtrusive enabling you to easily access the trackpad and keyboard with your fingers.

Coppermein Laptop stand

Much more fashionable than a gaudy plastic stand, these copper stands will not only last a lifetime but look great, too.

Cape Town Laptop stands

The laptop is elevated just enough so that your eyes are in line with your the top of the screen, preventing neck and back strain.

using laptop

Change your future

Elevate your laptop, elevate your life! We’re sure the change in angle decreases tension on your neck, yet increases your hipster status.

local materials and labour

Give back

As we grow we continually strive to sow back into our community by creating jobs, and funding further education and skills training.

handmade laptop stand


All our goods are handmade, with limited machinery, and everything we use to make the stands is bought locally.

Bed Stand - R750

For a comfortable working arrangement in winter, when you’d prefer to be in bed

Laptop Bed stand

The worst thing about working in bed is that the heat of the laptop, combined with the duvet, makes a veritable oven on your lap. This prevents that and also keeps the laptop at eye-level, too.

Coppermein Bed stand

This stand will let you relax on your pillows and rest your elbows on your mattress while still being able to reach your keyboard and touchpad.

Laptop stands in bed

Who needs a partner in bed when you have a copper laptop stand, a cup of tea, and all your friends on the Internet? Be warned: this thing will keep you in bed all day: very cosy, somewhat productive.